Kukup Luxury Suite Resort

Our Kukup Luxury Suite Resort is Providing transport to & fro from Singapore and Malaysia to kukup fishing village Chalet & Resort.

The people come to kukup fishing village are very offen, they enjoy the holidays, relaxing, company retreat, social activty, friend/ colleague & family gethering, birthday celebration, Sing karaoke, Mahjang playing, Fishing, Kelong boat ride tour, Massage and especially to enjoy the local foods & so on ... 


Kukup Luxury Suite Package Itinerary

Welcome for Reservation

** Please Contact: Dennis Foo / Emily

(WhatsApp & SMS are welcome)

Hotline: +65 - 8585 8686

(10.00am-8.00pm Everyday)

Website: http://www.kukuphub.com

Website: http://www.kukup.bravehost.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kukuphub

Email: holidaytourhub@gmail.com